Life Framer ist ein Fotografie-Preis, der herausragende Arbeiten von Amateuren bis hin zu etablierten Künstlern hervorbringt. Life Framer zeigt meine Arbeit als Teil der Sammlung. In der Ausgabe Youthhood wurde eines der Bilder aus meiner Serie „Youthhood Heroes“ in die Gewinnerauswahl für das „YOUTHHOOD“ -Thema nominiert, das von Wilfrid Esteve bewertet wurde:

“In Katy’s bold and vibrant portrait we see a young girl dressed to the nines – her outfit, make-up and posture channeling that of someone much older. Katy describes how the series is a wry and nostalgic glance back to the 1980s, her defining decade (and the styling is spot-on), but as single image I see it as a comment on the societal pressures placed on young girls. To be preened and polished, to be perfect in the eyes of popular culture. I keep reverting to her expression – a winning smile but eyes that suggest something altogether more vacant. Like her childhood innocence and playfulness has already been drained from her. All in the name of so-called perfection.” – Life Framer

About the project:

The series „Youthhood Heroes“ is my first art work series, taken in 2012 in Berlin, which I created before I changed my way to be a professional photographer from working only in a studio to from now on work on location, outside, using daylight, to quit directing photos strictly and catching moments instead. Therefore its the first series and last series at the same time, where I was setting all the lights, creating styling and make up in one context. Over 8 years I only worked in my studio, professionalized photography by controlling my work, taking care on details and using a small space of 3×5 meters for all jobs or projects. Youthhood is my last series which is produced in this way.

Youthhood Heroes is a reminder to my life in the 80s, when I was a teenager. To tell, what this time made interesting for me, I choosed stereotypes, represented by models from an agency. Typical styling of this decade, which I collected together in vintage stores, was the main stylistic device next to exaggerated make up. The coloured backgrounds also stand for the spirit of this era: loud and sometimes far from good taste.

I used the same setting of light and position for each shoot, even I took the photos not at one day.

Each Model is synonymous to my whishes or dreams, or to my reality, living in the GDR with theese less possibilities of creating an individual style. Could I have been a „little miss sunshine“ or what, if I have had become a ballet dancer? I was a young pioneer, (so they called us) and we had to wear uniforms with blue eckerchiefs. Some models could stand for my mother, uncle, grandma. Or just heroes.


14. Mai 2018